Sharing a passion

Just a few words on why I decided to start this blog and who is hiding behind this keyboard. Well, I live in Brussels and have been relatively obsessed with board games for the past couple of years (sure my wife would not used “relatively” but never mind).

This started out as a fun activity to share with friends during dinners or trips but quickly turned into a real passion and a hobby of mine. Pretty sure Kickstarter did not help in all this and basically allowed me to see the mountain of work behind a board game. Since then, a good part of my salary and hours of my time have gone into playing (of course) but also into following a variety of blogs, watched thousands of videos on Youtube and purchasing games (from obscure one to hyped titles or real classics).

I always want people to remember these are “only” games and they should remain fun. But I also hope this blog will highlight what a great hobby this can be, how it can bring people together and that boards games have evolved so much and are not limited to what most of us used to play when they were kids.

No reason to be “board” ever again and hope to chat with you soon!

PS: if you wonder why this blog is in English and not in Dutch or French, well it’s just that I always speak English at home and feel much more comfortable exchanging in that language (even though I am a French native speaker).

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